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NEW - Complete Eyelash Enhancement

NEW - Complete Eyelash Enhancement

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Qualifications: Accredited Diploma
Prerequisites: None required
Duration: 3 days, across 3 weeks
Average Class Size: 4-6
Short Description: Embark on a 3-day journey into the world of eyelash extensions with our beginner-friendly course. From mastering classic and Russian lashes to troubleshooting and maintenance, our expert-led sessions, coupled with a complete kit, will empower you to unleash your artistry.
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Have you ever dreamed of mastering the art of eyelash extensions? Our 3-Day Eyelash Extension Course is the perfect gateway for beginners, offering a comprehensive training that covers Classic Lashes, Russian (Volume) Lashes, troubleshooting techniques, maintenance, and assessment.

Course Highlights:

Day 1: Classic Lashes Mastery

  • Introduction to Classic Lashes: Explore the fundamentals of classic lash extensions.
  • Isolation Techniques: Learn the art of isolating individual lashes for precise application.
  • Hands-On Practice: Dive into practical sessions to master the classic lash extension technique.

Day 2: Russian (Volume) Lashes Unveiled

  • Understanding Volume Lashes: Delve into the world of Russian Volume lashes for a fuller, dramatic look.
  • Fan Creation Techniques: Learn how to create and apply volume lash fans with precision.
  • Practical Application: Gain hands-on experience in applying Russian lashes for stunning results.

Day 3: Troubleshooting, Maintenance, and Assessment

  • Troubleshooting Techniques: Learn how to address common challenges for flawless lash applications.
  • Maintenance Tips: Discover the secrets to maintaining long-lasting lash extensions.
  • Assessment and Certification: Showcase your newfound skills by completing an assessment, marking the culmination of your three-day journey.

What's Included:

You'll receive a complete kit that contains all the essential tools and products you need to kickstart your eyelash extension career. Our thoughtfully curated kits ensure you have everything at your disposal to practice and perfect your skills.

Why Choose Our Course?

  • Expert Guidance: Learn from experienced instructors dedicated to guiding you through each step.
  • Hands-On Learning: Gain confidence through practical, hands-on sessions that reinforce theoretical knowledge.
  • Full Kit Inclusion: No need to worry about gathering supplies – your comprehensive kit is included with the course.

Want to take your course up a level? Upgrade to the VTCT Level 3 Award in Lash Extensions (Additional fee of £384.00 inc vat) 

Upgrading an accredited training course to a regulated qualification offers several advantages. Firstly, it provides formal recognition and standardisation, ensuring that the training meets specific quality and industry standards. Additionally, a regulated qualification enhances credibility, instills confidence in learners, and often opens doors to broader recognition and acceptance within the relevant industry or professional field.

Once you have completed your Diploma course, your qualification material will be added to your elearning account. You will print out the relevant documents and create your portfolio. At UKBS, we use an independent learning structure so that you are able to work at your own pace, around your current commitments. You will work through the following at home to build your knowledge, skills, timings and confidence:

  • Practice Diary
  • Case Studies
  • Assignment/s

During this time you will have access to our NVQ Coordinator who can be contacted for any help, assistance or guidance.

Once the above has been completed, you would then return to the school to complete your live assessments and paper test/s. These will be spread across a minimum of 2 days. When attending your assessment days you must wear a full beauty uniform or all black with enclosed shoes, short, natural nails (gel polish is fine but no extensions). You must bring your completed portfolio and something to write with. You must provide your own models which should be arranged according to the ranges that you need to complete in your qualification. For most units, 3 different models are required (however some require 4 or 5 – please contact the NVQ Coordinator if unsure). If you are completing multiple units, you would follow this structure for each unit. 

  • Instant Access

    Before your practical day at the school, we'll provide you access to our online training area. Here you'll have access to all the teaching material required for your chosen course(s).

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